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August 15, 2021
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April 16, 2022

Baebis Beef and Seaweed Porridge


The porridge is made of Calrose rice (Japanese rice) and millet. Its flavour is Beef and Seaweed


It is a porridge made of Calrose rice (Japanese rice) and millet. The mixture of these 2 ingredients helps the baby have better digestion and regulate the blood sugar level.

No more worry about being overweight or infant diabetes.

The flavour of this porridge is a mixture of

  • real beef broth (better bone formation & immune system)
  • seaweed (better source of protein than cow milk or soy milk, so no uncomfortable feeling due to lactose intolerance)
  • carrot (rich in Beta carotene which is good for better skin conditions)

Packaging Information:

44g (1 pack) with 4 packs of ingredients (Calrose rice, millet, pure beef and seaweed powder and carrot cube)

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